press snippets

The Boston Globe "A band that is creating quit a stir around town. The upside to the Boston music scene."

The Boston Phoenix "Smooth harmonies against a fast almost ska rhythm. They can't slow down, even when playing a ballad!"

The Noise "Post Punk, post Nirvana, post-modern, these four boys from Beantown are poised to become America's greatest Rock & Roll band. Over the last year and a half their amphetamine pop has received serious critical attention from the Boston music press and packed in the crowds at dozens of New England venues."

Modern Musician "Creates a sound that mixes the pop songwriting ethics of XTC and various Beatles members with the raw energy of the likes of the early Who and The Buzzcocks. Raucous yet still well-executed, the band mixes tight, rapid-fire harmonies with instrumentation that feels like it's this close to falling apart, but catches up with itself at the last minute."

Instant "Superior song strength and uncommon ambition. The Pills offer a brash brand of smart pop that is brief, poignant, fast paced and neurotic while maintaining a pensive energy throughout."

Vendetta "They played a blistering set of super catchy guitar pop including all three songs on their brand new single. Based on the super positive crowd reaction, The Pills have the potential to go far.

The Metronome "So rarely does a band come along that combines the melodic sense of the Beatles with the drunken fast-and-loud rants of the early Replacements."

New England Performer "The Pills have been getting quite a number of raves lately and I can see why. Very, very high energy a big influence and an almost Euro-post punk thing going on."

Melody Maker "Scooter Gurl is a blinding little pop song, all sassy vocals, choppy guitars and crashing cymbals, in a refreshingly American-sounding Britpop style... Most Pleasing."

Amplifier "A slice of true inspired and inspiring power pop graces our ears. "Back of Your head" applies revved up punk energy to create a whirlwind of pop mayhem. Impeccable backup vocals on the chorus seal this as a classic! This is pure energetic pop, friends, with the edge quite intact. A band to keep a close eye on for sure!"

Northeast Performer "The A-Side, "Scooter Gurl" is pop with a hard edge at it's finest, and one of the best local single releases of the year."

Scootering International Magazine "Based in Boston (MA,USA) they recently released a single titled "Scooter Gurl" which was released on the tiny Reverse Curve label. Since then it has been a massive seller for the label. They and are also involved with their local scooter scene, which provides most of their fanatical following."

Musicians Trade Journal "The Pills just released their first single and it's getting tons of airplay!"

Smug Magazine "If you're a pop fan, if you like Weezer but wish they weren't so corny and you enjoy bobbing your head up and down, pick up a copy of Scooter Gurl. It gives a good sugar rush!

Cheeseball "Scooter Gurl is an all out rocker with a swinging back beat, tight harmonies and even a theremin for good measure. It is an anthem. The B-sides have more of a trip-hammer punk attack. Lots of fun sounds to welcome springtime to rocktown."

MoMZine "[The Pills] show enough courage (and good sense) to time-travel back to the days when the Jam, the Buzzcocks and other fast 'n' furious Who-worshipping combos ruled the cool part of the Earth."


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