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Click below to sample a few key tracks from A Fistful Of Pills, the most recent release by the pills:

"Butterfield 8"

"Fighting Words"

"Brand New Pair Of Eyes"

Download-savvy fans can also purchase individual tracks or download A Fistful Of Pills at the iTunes Music Store.

Corin thinks that "Halifax" is the best track the pills ever recorded, and David's wife agrees with him! You can listen to this track from the pills kick in free of charge by clicking the "play" arrow below:

"Scooter Gurl," the A-side of the very first pills single, has remained a popular favorite for many years. Sample this rollicking anthem for Vespa lovers by clicking the the "play" arrow below, and then pick up the pills' debut album Wide Awake with the pills to hear the 10 equally gear tunes that precede it. You won't be disappointed.

Scooter Gurl

Vigilant viewers of teen drama Dawson's Creek may have heard a track from the pills kick in during Season 5, Episode 2 which first aired in 2001. The jubilant "Spork" was played during a scene where Jen and Jack walk the streets of Boston. If memory serves, Jen displayed a pills poster in her high school locker during a previous season. For a fictional character, she certainly has boffo taste in rock.


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